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51% of internet traffic is “non-human”. 31% is made up from hacking programs, spammers and malicious phishing.

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What drives change in today’s world

What drives change in today’s world

The world is changing, and there is nothing much you can do to stop it. However, you could always participate in it. To better understand the changes in the future, we must take a walk down the memory lane.

The world is not a same place anymore compared to 2 decades ago. The global population has changed dramatically. We celebrated 5.9 billion lives in 1998, and now the world’s population has jumped to 7.6 billion. That is a 1.7 billion increase in human population, and all those lives will eventually need shelter, jobs, and more.

People are a virtual necessity, cell phones have become inseparable to us. With easier and cheaper access to technology and the internet , the nature of people’s interactions with each other and the fundamentals of our environment has changed; “everything that can become digital will indeed become digital”. We are seeing more things get connected in a day today compared to a decade ago.

“The next 20 years are likely to bring more changes to humanity than the past 300 years”, claimed Futurist Gerd Leonhard. Few things that people could only dream of in the past (Self-driving car, Artificial Intelligence, and more) have come to make a presence in our lives.

Over the Top (OTT) broadcasting – which provide TV shows and films via the Internet (Netflix) is bypassing traditional cable TV service providers. It will become the new normal, and computing will become “invisible”, he predicted.

This will have a major impact on society, culture and business; the future will present society with the means to revolutionise industrial processes and increase efficiency through “smart farming”, “smart logistics” and “smart transportation” (Amit, Business Times).

On the other hand, with artificial intelligence (AI) feeding big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), the new age of hyper-connectivity will also exponentially heighten current-day challenges; the unintended consequences of a hyper-connected, borderless world include threats such as piracy, cyber warfare and cyber-security, said Mr Leonhard.

He stressed that a global treaty on ethics and security (including AI) will be essential as technology is moving from outside of us to “on top of us” to finally, “inside of us”.

Mr Leonhard added that the future is about identifying and managing the balance between maintaining our human-ness in a highly automated and technologised world. Which is very true considering that some machine are more capable to do our jobs than us.

So buckle up, yesterday was a lesson, today is a journey, tomorrow will be unknown. – RLI

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